WebRTC secure communications for Norfolk


WebRTC is revolutionising the way businesses securely communicate with each other.

In short it enables real time communication, whether audio, video or text, without the need for additional applications or plug-ins. It is easy to use and encrypted giving you a higher level of security than many traditional phone systems.

Home working, communications between different offices and high quality customer service will all be made much easier and more cost-effective with WebRTC technology. Additionally, users can access these services on the go via mobile telephony so they can take advantage of rich communication anywhere.

Millions of people are familiar with Skype but WebRTC is just as easy to use and far more sophisticated in what it can offer to business. Contact Vanguard Communications today to find out how WebRTC can take your business communications to the next level.

Please browse the sub pages in this section to find out more about some of the latest technological advances which can add a great deal of flexibility to the way you run your business.

Whether you want to spend less time behind the desk or allow your employees to feel part of the business while working from home, Vanguard Communications can tailor innovative, reliable and secure services to your requirements which provide a cost-effective solution and can even help your business grow.

Get in touch today to arrange a no obligation audit of your systems and find out how Vanguard Communications can help you.

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