Virtual Number Suffolk and Norfolk


Virtual phone numbers enable you to purchase a number in another part of the UK or further afield where you don’t currently have an office.

You may want to expand into a different market but prefer to direct calls to another location. A virtual number allows you advertise a local number and gives you the freedom to take those calls elsewhere.

Virtual numbers are also extremely useful if you move the location of your business as you can take the number with you wherever you go. Currently BT will only allow you to take your current number with you if you are moving within the same exchange area.

The other main advantage of a virtual number is in a disaster recovery plan as they can be pointed to any location, whether home, mobile or international within seconds via your own secure web portal. This makes sure your customers are always able to reach you whatever the circumstances.

Vanguard Communications can advise on how to use virtual numbers to your advantage.

Call Nigel or Elaine to find out how they can benefit your business.

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