Vanguard Communications - An #SBS Official Winner

Vanguard Communications were selected by Theo Paphitis to be an #SBS Official Winner on Sunday 21 June.

Ok, you say, what on earth is an ‘SBS Award’?  Well, let me explain….

Small Business Sunday (or #SBS on Twitter) was created in 2010 by ex BBC Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis who is also Chairman of Ryman Stationery, Boux Avenue lingerie and Robert Dyas, as well as joint owner of Red Letter Days.  Each Sunday evening between 5pm and 7.30pm, Theo (notice we’re now on first name terms…) invites small business owners to send him a Tweet to describe their business. The conditions of entry are simple:

  • Tweets must be sent to @TheoPaphitis
  • Tweets must include the hashtag #SBS
  • Tweets must be sent between 5pm and 7.30pm on Sundays only


The following day, Theo personally looks through all the Tweets he has been sent and selects his six favourite entries.  His chosen six receive a re-tweet (RT) from Theo on Monday evening at 8pm which is seen by his 500k followers!   

And then the fun begins…

Our story starts on Sunday 14th June, when I sent my first ever Tweet to Theo using the #SBS hashtag.  I say ‘first’ but being fairly new to Twitter, and very new to the #SBS fraternity, I got it wrong and sent about 6 Tweets using different graphics from our website as attachments to draw Theo’s eye.  I was gently reprimanded by a Coffee company – “one Tweet!” they said – #EpicFail

I then switched off from it and went about my normal business.  Monday came and went with nothing – ‘next time’ I whimsically thought.

On the Wednesday, I received an email from Richard Glynn at the New Anglia Growth Hub, congratulating us on our feature (that’s another story) in the Business East Monthly Magazine,  – a monthly supplement in the East Anglian Daily Times – but not only were we in the magazine, we were actually pictured slap bang on the front page of the EADT!

Feeling slightly bemused and giddy, I promptly started taking photos of the front page and sharing our good fortune to friends on my personal Facebook page.

Sunday quickly came around once more, and I was still smiling over the EADT picture, so decided to use that as my @TheoPaphitis #SBS entry – ‘Front page news this week!’, I said, followed by hashtags of #redundancy #family #startup #telecoms #SBS and added the picture.  I then shut up shop and thought no more about it.

Come Monday, 8pm, the world went mad.  My phone started constantly buzzing and taking a quick look at my Twitter Feed I was confused.  What on earth..??!  I looked… and I looked again.... and again, and gradually a sneaky thought began to enter my head ‘surely not… not me??’ 

I desperately tried to restrain myself from running round the garden like a deranged imbecile, but the penny then really did drop when my email account filled up with 200+ emails for Twitter Notifications that I’d failed to turn off…. #EpicFail2!... Theo had picked us! 

And there, the real Vanguard Communications #SBS story began….

Here’s our winning Tweet:

Vanguard Communications Twitter

Find out more about #SBS here.

See the Vanguard Communications profile on the SBS site.

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SBS winners - Vanguard Communications


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