Non Geographic Numbers for businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk


NGN, or Non Geographic, numbers allow you to offer a single contact number to your clients which can be fully transportable if you move premises.

Vanguard Communications offers a full range of services and expert advice on how to choose and use your NGN number.

You might want to choose an NGN number that is easy to remember for the customer, offer them a free or reduced rate call. In some situations you might want to set up a national rate or premium rate line.

You do not need any equipment to use NGN numbers and all the services are managed at the exchange.

Which NGN number is right for you?

  • 0800 or 0808 numbers are FREE to the caller. You pay for the call.
  • 0845 numbers are charged at a Local Rate to the caller. These are the most common way of providing inbound services because there is no additional cost to the caller, and only a nominal cost to you.
  • 0870 numbers are charged at the National Rate to the caller. These numbers are used by most corporate companies, or those wishing to promote a national image.
  • 0871 numbers are charged at a Fixed National Rate to the caller at all times, slightly higher than the 0870 tariff.
  • 09xx numbers are Premium Rate numbers used to pay for services or simply generate a profit.

Vanguard Communications can also offer a Basic Number service which offers simple forwarding to a UK landline number, forwarding at certain times of day to a list of numbers, inbound call routing or geographic call rouiting depending where the caller is ringing from.

The majority of NGN numbers are issued with no extra charge but there are additional costs for securing particularly memorable numbers.

Ofcom changes

Ofcom, the UK telecoms regulator is making some important changes to the way consumers will be charged for calling 08 numbers as from 1st July 2015:

All calls to 0800 and 0808 freephone numbers will be free to call from ALL mobiles and ALL landlines. There will be a small increase in the cost of operating a freephone number as a result, as calls originating from mobiles will cost slightly more than calls originating from landlines.

The cost of calls to any number starting 084, 087, 118 and 09’s will be divided in to two parts:

  • An access charge; this will be set by the phone provider that the consumer makes their calls from.
  • A service charge; this will be set by the company that offers the service number the consumer dials.

It is a requirement to advertise the cost of calling your NGN in a new way that conforms to Ofcom, PhonePay Plus and the Advertising Standards Regulations.

Call Nigel or Elaine to find out how NGN Numbers can benefit your business.

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