Session Initiation Protocol high quality business telephone calls in Cambridgeshire


ISDN lines are being phased out and replaced by SIP based services. Vanguard Communications is at the forefront of offering this far superior alternative.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a secure, reliable method of making high quality business telephone calls over the internet. Unlike previous forms of Voice over IP systems, SIP offers businesses total reliability. SIP technology allows a vast range of text, voice, video and data services for both the business and consumer markets.

One of the key benefits of SIP is to take Non Geographic Numbers a stage further as it completely removes any boundaries to where your call can be routed. SIP is vital in any continuity or disaster recovery strategy. You can divert every single number in your business to a different location instantly.

Within SIP, the ‘number anywhere’ service uses the same process as non-geographic numbers allowing you to take your business number with you wherever you may relocate in the UK.

SIP is much cheaper to set up and run, and vastly more flexible than its ISDN predecessor. For example, your monthly line rental charges should be reduced by 66% compared to ISDN. You can also eliminate long contracts and inflexibility by moving to a SIP based service.

Virtually every major technology manufacturer has adopted SIP and the technology behind it is likely to define the future of the next generation of mobile communications, so it is definitely here to stay.

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